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“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” Exodus 20:16 KJV AV1611

Questions We’ve Been Asked About Our Blind Ministry!!

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” Matthew 7:12 KJV AV1611

As ministers of God’s grace & ambassadors for Jesus Christ. We believe we should live up to what is written in God’s Holy Word. We also believe ALL ministries including this one, that NOTHING & we mean NOTHING should be hid or covered up by a ministry of any kind. So, in keeping with this belief, we’d like to give here the answers to some of the many questions you (our friends) in the churches (we’ve visited) have asked us. We also pray this will also help you to know “HOLYness BIBLEs for the blind” better!!!


As to our name the basic 2 questions after what it is are the following:

Q. How did you come up with the name of your ministry?
A. From the time Missionary Ken Wolfgang was called to the blind of the U.S. in March of 1990 to the late 1990’s the ministry to the blind had no name to speak of. Yes! At times ken had used names like “Bible Baptist For The Blind” or simply the “blind ministry”. However, none of those names ever stuck. Then in late 1999 the Lord Jesus Christ showed Missionary Ken, since one of the MAIN points that this ministry revolves around is nothing more than the “HOLY BIBLE”. Then the name should have “HOLY BIBLE” not only in the name, but in capital letters. The 2nd thought wasn’t far behind. This was that the name should state we’ve a firm stand on right or holy living “holiness”. Then the name should say who our mission work is directed to, that’s to say the “blind”. Although we reach out to all the lost. Well, the Lord Jesus Christ putting all these things together in Ken’s head, but without Ken’s realizing it at the time, showed him the name “HOLYness BIBLEs for the blind”. Ken will tell you even today, that looking back on that day. “If it wasn’t for Jesus giving us this name. We’d still be throwing around stupid names. GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST ALONE!!!”

Q. How & when were you called to the ministry?
A. To answer this question you’ll need to see each of our individual pages, as well as our history page on this about us section of the website. Since each of us was called & joined the ministry at different times. Check these links to get the scoop on our individual testimonies.





Q. What is the over all goal of your ministry?
A. The over all goal for the ministry to the blind is to:
1. Get people SAVED!!!
2. Provide a FREE KJV AV1611 to ALL that want & need them!
3. Provide FREE audio sermons to every person that needs to hear the word preached.
4. Provide FREE Tracts to those who want to witness to their blind friends but could not reach them before.

Q. How do you plan to be effective in this ministry?
A. With specially designed tracts in braille, 24 point print, & audio formats. Plus specially designed packets of materials for those in cult groups. In addition our braille, large print, & audio versions of the HOLY Bible, along with our 200 title plus sermon collection. With all these materials at our disposal, hard work, & a lots of prayer, & faith with God’s help We believe the job can be done!!!

Q. Does your ministry have a headquarters?
A. We do have a mailing address. However, if a person is asking if we fall under a BIG corporation. NO WE DO NOT!!! to be truthful about it our headquarters is in HEAVEN! Under the leadership of Jesus Christ the KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS!!!

Q. Do you run your missionary work under a missions board?
A. This question is normally asked if the previous 1 is not asked about a headquarters. However, our answer is still the same. However, our answer is a little different in this way. Yes! We work under a missions board. “It’s a committee of 3”. God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit!!!

Q. Are you independent missionaries?
A. This question usually makes us laugh. Especially since we’ve to say that even though we’re not under a missions board, organization, group, etc. but we’re not alone. We still have a captain and HE gives the marching orders. We know we can’t do ANYTHING WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST!!!

Q. Is there any 1 on 1 soul winning in your ministry?
A. We believe that soul winning of any kind can be effective. However, 1 on 1 soul winning can not be beat, because of the direct interaction between the saved & the lost persons.

Q. What denomination do you consider yourselves?
A. As to the denomination question. We must make this point clear. “There’ll be NO CHURCH SIGNS or DENOMINATIONAL SIGNS in heaven!!!” With this in mind, we’ll refer you to our doctrinal statement page on this website for where we stand on our specific beliefs.


Q. Is there churches your ministry would not go to because of doctrinal issues?
A. This question is so obvious it makes us fall over laughing. Of course there are “churches” that we’d not show our ministry in for this reason. Just like a person would not think of taking a bath in acid. Some things are just plain to see even for the blind of this world!!!

Q. Do you think that a prospering ministry equals a Godly ministry?
A. This question is often asked in churches who don’t understand the Bible. From what we’ve read, & what it says. Jesus Christ didn’t even have a place to lay His head (Matthew 8:20) according to His own words. Plus the apostle Paul made it clear we’re to be content no matter what state we find ourselves in (Philippians 4:11), whether a man is rich or dirt poor! So, being close to God is NOT based upon how you are prospering!!!

Q. Do you stand behind everything you send out?
A. Yes!!!

Q. How do you handle the person who says they’ve received a defective CD, or Mp3 download from your ministry?
A. In this world we know that NOTHING’s perfect. So, in that event, we’d just replace it NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

Q. Is your ministry known worldwide?
A. No! Not yet. However, this website is the 1st step in that direction.

Q. How is the booking for your ministry handled?
A. Normally it’s handled in this way. When an interested church or organization gets in touch with us by telephone, U.S. Mail or more recently by Email. After an initial contact has been made. After a few Questions on both sides are satisfied. Then a time & date are scheduled. As to our questions, it helps to know the following when we make the follow up contact communication with you.
1. The time & date you’d like us to come.
2. Do you have DVD projector equipment & a screen, or some way for us to show our DVD slide presentation?
3. The length of time you’d like the service to be.
4. The occasion, if any.
5. Would you want us to bring our display for the fellowship hall or foyer?
6. If you’d like us to bring our display. do you have a 3 foot by 6 foot table we can use, or should we bring our own?


Q. What Bibles do you distribute to the blind?
A. We distribute the following types or formats of Bibles.
1. 1 Disc MP3 Bible
2. 61 Disc Audio CD Bible
3. 1 Volume, 18 Point Print Bible
4. 3 Volume, 24 Point Print Bible
5. 18 Volume, Braille Bible

Q. Do you distribute just 1 version of the Bible?
A. YES!!! We will ONLY deal with the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible of 1611.

Q. Do you distribute other versions of the Bible?
A. NO!!! WE DO NOT!!!

Q. Do you distribute the Bibles Yourself?
A. Some of the Bibles we do distribute ourselves, & some are handled by another organization which we get their form for their FREE Bibles & give it to the blind person to be filled out. the Bibles we handle personally are ALL of the Audio Bibles, & the 1 Volume, 18 Point Print Bible.

Q. What do you do with unusable versions of the Bible that are given to your ministry?
A. Many times we have kept a version of the Bible we’d not have normally have given out for study purposes. Such as verse comparison etc. in these cases these Bible versions are still usable by the ministry.


Q. What standards are there for donated Preaching CDs that you receive?
A. ALL sermons MUST be doctrinally sound, of good quality, & NOT a ministry looking for a reimbursement or a FEE for the sermon from our ministry. It must be understood that ALL sermons that are donated are to be GIFTS!!! It’s also understood that any final decision of whether a sermon is excepted into our sermons ministry is at our discretion!

Q. Do you except preaching CDs from any source?
A. Yes, & no. We know that sounds a little contradictory, but it’s not. For example, we don’t mind getting preaching tapes etc. from a big church or a unknown street preacher. However, we’ll refuse CD’s etc. from a cult trying to shove their false doctrines into this ministry!!!

Q. Why do you have such requirements for the CDs you receive?
A. This is simple, because the Bible makes it clear that what we do to others we do to Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:40 KJV AV1611). Not to mention how we’d feel if we’d get something of poor quality, or doctrine ourselves (Matthew 7:12 KJV AV1611).

Q. Is there a limit to the number of sermons a person may request?
A. NO!!! If they got the fever for the flavor of a hot preaching. Then go to our sermons page & click your heart out!!!



Q. Who is the human authority of the ministry?
A. Even though Missionary Ken Wolfgang is the leader & the “head” as the Bible directs. This does not mean he runs the show like Adolf Hitler, neither does he dictate things in this manner!!!

Q. How many active members are in the ministry?
A. At present there are only 2 active members in the “HOLYness BIBLEs for the blind” ministry. this of course is not accounting for the missionaries of HOLYness BIBLEs for the blind such as Brother Ify, or Evangelist Timothy gruver who we pray for & support with this website as well.

Q. Have you ever asked anyone to join your Blind Ministry?
A. YES! However, this never worked out because the person just wasn’t willing to serve JESUS CHRIST with their WHOLE HEART!!!

Q. If someone wanted to join your Blind Ministry, would there be any requirements they would have to meet?
A. Yes, if God led someone to ask us to join us they would have to:
1. Be blood bought & born again.
2. Take a firm stand on the KJV AV1611, HOLY BIBLE.
3. Love to win souls to Jesus Christ.
4. Not be in this for the glory, fame, or money.
5. Have the same doctrinal stand as we do.


Q. Are you currently interviewing anyone to join your Blind Ministry?
A. No! Not at this present time.

Q. Will you pay anyone to work in the ministry?
A. Are you CRAZY!!! Jesus NEVER got paid for doing the Father’s work, & any person who says they need to be “PAID” for doing GOD’S work is a total “nut” & needs to be threaded on the right bolt!!!

Q. What happens when someone gets mad when you send them a packet of anti cult materials?
A. They’re just going to have to get glad again!!!

Q. Why can’t we just leave those in cult groups alone to believe what they want since it’s a free country after all?
A. That’s because Jesus said that their following “another Jesus” & must come out!!!

Q. Ruth, How did you react to the unique ministry that your husband was called to?
A. I was glad to be a part of a unique calling, & felt God’s leading on my husband’s work.

Q. Ruth, is it a very trying thing to be married to a busy, blind, missionary preacher?
A. NO. I’d rather have him work for God, & I support him. Than do anything else in life!!!


Q. How is your ministry supported?
A. Strictly by love offerings, & any other LOVE gifts The Ashtabula Angels albums may bring in.

Q. Are monetary LOVE gifts the only excepted gifts in your ministry?
A. NO! If a person bought a pile of blank recordable CD’s or DVD’s for example we’d be as grateful for this LOVE gift for the ministry as a $100 check, because if they bought us the $100 worth of CD’s or DVD’s then it would save us the trip to the bank, the store, then to the ministry studio just to start recording. When with this LOVE gift of the blank CD’s or DVD’s we get started right away!!! So, ALL LOVE GIFTS no matter their type or size are gladly & gratefully excepted! THANK YOU!!!!

Q. What percentage of LOVE gifts to your ministry are used for non ministry use, such as office personnel etc.?
A. NONE!!!! As we believe Jesus was never paid for doing the Father’s work, & neither should we be paying someone to work for God!!! EVERY dollar given to this ministry goes out to see someone saved! NOT to line ANYONE’S POCKETS!!!!

Q. Do you sell your Blind Ministry’s materials, sermons, etc. in the church sanctuary, foyer, building, or do you take it outside to the parking lot?
A. First of all, the Blind Ministry is strictly supported by love offerings, & LOVE gifts from The Ashtabula Angels albums. WE DO NOT SELL ANY OF OUR blind ministry’s MATERIALS! ALL of our Blind Ministry materials are FREE as the Lord provides!!! As to receiving a love gift in the church that’s OK, but we have a strong conviction against selling anything in the church building INCLUDING exchanging an Ashtabula Angels Album for a LOVE gift for the following reasons.
1. In the Jim Jones Cult they sold things in the church building.
2. Jesus said that His house was to be a house of “PRAYER”.
3. Jesus said not to make a place of “merchandise” of His house.
4. it’s God’s house NOT A STORE!!!
5. We believe God’s house MUST be set apart from the things & ways of this world.
It may mean a few less albums getting LOVE gifts for them as church members rush home after a service on a very hot or very cold day, but we will not compromise our stand!!!!

Q. What percentage of LOVE gifts to your ministry are used for publicity?
A. None, zero, & zip!!! Now take your pick! Since we don’t believe that LOVE gifts should be used for anything other than what they were intended for!!!!

Q. How do I know my LOVE gift is being used strictly for the ministry?
A. Well, there are always skeptics some where, & without being an actual part of the ministry you’ll never be able to actually know. However, we try for those who are like this to say if you


using the “contact us” link we can tell you the type of CD’s or DVD’s we need or other things that don’t require you to send a monetary LOVE gift. Oh well, it was only a thought. Skeptics will be skeptics!!! Unless of course you’re willing to prove us WRONG by clicking the “contact us” link.

Please help us keep this ministry’s work going for the physically and spiritually blind and most inportant for JESUS CHRIST with your generous LOVE gift!
Thank you!!!