Missionary ken and leader dog truman

By: Missionary Ken Wolfgang

Dear God Above
Bless this man I guide,
And help me keep him alive.
Be my mortal sight this day,
On streets where little children play.
Bless my master fast asleep,
When the night is long and deep,
And keep my handler safe and sound,
Through the hours big and round.
Make my judgment sound as steel,
And be his hand upon the wheel.
Bless the traveler going past,
And teach him not to go so fast,
Give me strength for every trip,
So I make care for what I ship,
And make me mindful every mile,
That our lives are but a little while.

A guide animal, or any other Service Animal is very simply a “WORKING SERVICE ANIMAL”!!!

With this in mind. Understanding the “No petting” rule is a little easier.
Let’s look at it from both sides.

Just ask yourself the following questions.
“Would it be OK for a man at work or otherwise to just put his arms around a woman & give her a big hug. Just because he wanted to give her that hug no matter what she may have been feeling at that moment???”

“Why of course not! That would be wrong!!!”, you say, and it is.

Another thing to consider is the distraction issue.
Picture a very busy intersection, having 2 or 3 lanes of very heavy traffic going in each direction both ways of this intersection.
Now picture the distraction level if a woman disrobed & stood totally naked on one of those corners!!!

Utter chaos, and a wreck or two would be putting it lightly!

On the other hand there are many pet owners as well as uninformed children who love petting any cute animal, and just can’t resist.

So what’s the solution???

It’s simple!!!

ASK FIRST!!!!!!!

Remember, as in the case of the working woman who should be “ASKED” before being “hugged” at work. This is that simple too. “These animals are WORKING”, & should NOT be touched unless you “ASK to do so!!!
Never pet the Working Service Animal if the handler has a hold on the harness handle. Neither should you just start petting the animal, even if it is sitting, or laying quietly.

If the handler tells you that you may not pet the Service Animal.
Don’t get offended because there may be a good reason.
The animal may be new to the work. it may also be because the animal is very easily distracted. Or the handler may just be the type of person that likes their Service Animal for themselves.

If the answer is “NO” to your question. “May I pet your Service Animal?”
Don’t sweat it. With the thousands of Service Animals in the world. There’s a very good chance that you will get a “yes” answer the next time you ask!

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Missionary ken and leader dog truman
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Missionary ken and leader dog truman
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