white cane

The Truly Disabled People
By: Larry Socha

There are people in this world born into strife,
who can substitute love for their inconvenience in life.
Such as the blind who can’t see the night from day,
but yet they can see love in so many ways.
Such as the deaf who can’t hear a sound,
but yet they can hear when love is around.
Such as the mentally disabled who can’t comprehend,
but yet they can love until there’s no end,
but its the people in this world who think they’re the perfect kind,
these are the people who are mentally disabled, deaf, and blind.

When fellowshipping, whether at the church (after glow), or the restaurant. The drill is still the same.

To help your blind friend find their food on their plate.

Use top (furthest away from the person), the bottom (closest to the person), right, or left (remember Their’s not your’s).
You can also use these same directions to help your blind friend find the water glass, coffee cup, etc..

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Missionary ken and leader dog truman
Take The Lead!!!

It’s as easy as walking!


Little Girl
You can be a GPS for the visually disadvantaged!!!

Translate visual directions that a blind person can see!


Missionary ken and leader dog truman
NO dogs allowed!!!

Does this apply to your church or ministry?
In simple to understand everyday language. The duties and privileges of both churches. and the Service Animal user is explained.


Missionary ken and leader dog truman
Don’t Pet Me I’m Working!!!

Is this cruelty or necessity?
You be the judge!


International Symbol Of Access
Put those wheels to work for JESUS!!!

Think outside of doors, ramps, and grab bars!
Help those with mobility challenges reach their full potential in Christ!


Little Girl
What did you say???

Think outside of the signs!!!
Handy ideas for making those with hearing inconveniences feel welcome.