Missionary ken and leader dog truman

My Dog Is A Shepherd
By: Larry Liggin

My dog is a Shepherd,
Just what I want.
She maketh me to rise early every morning.
She leadeth me beside garbage cans and parking meters,
and she restoreth my freedom.
She guideth me in the paths of safety for my life’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the thunder of the railroad station,
and among the mongrels of Flagler Street,
I will fear no evil, for she is with me.
The creak of her harness and the jingle of her collar, they comfort me.
She prepareth a way for me in the presence of all confusion.
She covereth my hand with affectionate licks and nibbles,
and my love for her runneth over.
Surely, with affection and correction, I shall follow her all the days of her life,
and she will dwell in my heart forever.

Guiding people who happen to have blindness is easy.

Just remember what a guide is. The “GUIDE” is the one to “LEAD THE WAY”. Not the other way around. At least the “GUIDES” on the “Wagon Trains” did!!!
stand in front to the right or left (depending on if the person has a Service Animal), and offer your arm. Then step out at a normal pace.
If you remember to give a 1 person space, or distance for the clearance of your companion. You should have no problems with keeping your buddy from smashing accidentally into anything.
For tight spots. Just inform your friend what is coming up. They then could change their hold so that they are directly behind you in a single file fashion. Walk at a slower pace until you clear the area. Let them Know when you have cleared the area, so they can return to the side of you as they were before.
Doors are a snap if you remember the following helpful hint. Since chivalry has totally bitten the dust. This is no time to do like Christ and resurrect it! Just tell your pal that a door is coming up. Let them know if the door swings from the right to left, or left to right, and if it swings in or out. They then can change their hold so they can hold the door as you both go through as a single file.
The best way to handle stairs is to lead your pal’s hand to the railing. in this way you can both take the stairs at your own respective paces. In the case of no railing. Pausing at both the top and bottom is also a good idea.

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Little Girl
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Missionary ken and leader dog truman
NO dogs allowed!!!

Does this apply to your church or ministry?
In simple to understand everyday language. The duties and privileges of both churches. and the Service Animal user is explained.


Missionary ken and leader dog truman
Don’t Pet Me I’m Working!!!

Is this cruelty or necessity?
You be the judge!


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Think outside of doors, ramps, and grab bars!
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