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“Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the Lord; but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men.” 1 Kings 18:22 KJV AV1611

The Right To Die

Sermon Category: Fearless Teachings

Total listening time: 26 Minutes

This sermon is a sermon that covers the following topics:
abandoning, abortion, acceptable, action, aid in dying, American, Ann Humphry, Arizona, article, assisted suicide, aware, body sent, book, bottles, breast cancer, brutal memos, button, California, campsite, car accident, care easier, caring, chemo therapy, child, children, choice, clear & convincing evidence, climbed mountains, coffee, compassion, compassionate & loving act, country, courage, cruel time, Cruzan case, Cruzan decision, dead, death on demand, death sentence, death with dignity, decide, dehydrate, Derek Humphry, die, difficult time, disabilities, divorced, doctor, Dr. Death, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, effort, euthanasia paradise, experimentation, experimenting, family, feeding tube, first degree murder, Florida, French, forced, folk hero, grace, grave, guardian, hard cases, health care providers, health care workers, health insurance, help, Hemlock members, Holland, husband, hysterical, increasing, infants, information, informed, interview, interviews, involved, Iowa, issue of death, issues, IV line, Jack Kevorkian, Janet Adkins, Jean Humphry, kill, killed, killing, kinder, kissed, law schools, laws, legal, legalize, legislation, legislative session, legislators, lethal dose, lethal injection, life threatening illness, life threatening illnesses, live, living will law, local level, locks, looking back, metal pole, Michigan, Missouri, modern technology, mother’s wombs, mug, music, Nancy Beth Cruzan, national spotlight, needs, neighboring states, news item, nineteen eighty or 1980, office doors, open the doors, opposes, order, Oregon, organization, over dose, parents, patient, patients, person, pillows, pioneer, poison, political battle, political campaign, pray, prayers needed, praying, pressure, promoted, promotion, protected, protecting life, public policy, pushing, questions, radio, real possibility, realize, reflecting, relative, removed, reporting, require, respond, result, right to die movement, rusty old van, self execution machine, severely brain damaged, share, sharing, smother, starve, state level, states rights, stop giving food & water, strength, suicide clinic, suicide clinics, suicide machine, support groups, Supreme Court decision, surgery, taught, teenagers, television, terminal, The Hemlock Society, threat to life, treatment, trip, unemployed Pathologist, Unitarian minister, vain, very complex, victim, wake up, Washington state, wife, wrong, and young woman.

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