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“Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the Lord; but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men.” 1 Kings 18:22 KJV AV1611

What Happened At The Watchtower Headquarters?

Sermon Category: Fearless Teachings

Total listening time: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

This sermon is a sermon that covers the following topics:
Aid To Bible Understanding, anointed class, apostate ideas, apostates, apostasy from the organization’s teachings, appeal, armed services, attack, Baptist, baptized, Bible study, Bible interpretation, birthdays, blood transfusion, Branch Organization Procedure, broken promises, Brooklyn New York, celebrate holidays, Charles Taz Russell, chief angel of God, Choosing the Best Way Of Life, Chris & Norma Sanchez, Christian, Christians, chronology, church, churches, committee, conceal, conflict, conspiracy, controversy, control, conscience, conviction, creation of God, crying, cult, cults, dates, disassociation, disfellowshipped, disfellowshipping, dissention, disturbances, doctrine of demons, doctrines, door to door, eighteen seventy four or 1874, elder, employment, end of the gentile times, end of the world, excuse, faith in Christ, faith in God, faith in the Bible, faith in the organization, faithful & discrete slave, family, fear, false prophecies, false prophet, followers, friend, friends, friendships, God The Father, God’s Organization, God’s representative on Earth, governing body, headquarters, hypocrite, indoctrination, infallibility, interrogation, interview, interviews, investigation, invisible return of Christ, Jehovah’s Witness, Jehovah’s Witnesses, job, Judge Joseph F. Rutherford, Kingdom Hall, Kingdom Halls, kingdom service, large print edition, Life Does Have A Purpose, little mistakes, Lord Jesus Christ, loyalty questions, meat in due season, Miriam, ministerial servant, misconduct, Moses, mother, neighbor, New World Translation, nineteen eighteen or 1918, nineteen fourteen or 1914, nineteen nineteen or 1919, nineteen seventy five or 1975, nineteen thirty five or 1935, nineteen twenty five or 1925, no assurance, NWT, oath of loyalty, obey, one hundred forty four thousand or 144,000 , only way to God, personal relationship, pioneer, pioneering, Pope, pray, prayed, prayers, preach the gospel, private Bible studies, privileges, questioned, questioning, Randy Waters, rebellion, research, Robert Sullivan, rules, salute the flag, salvation, secret police, service department, sin, sister, smoke, smoking, Spanish Bible, Spanish Translation, spy atmosphere, suspicious, teacher, teaching, testimony, the big apostasy, The Commentary On James, The Family Book, the great crowd, the Mighty God, The Truth Book, the writing department, The Youth Book, transformation, trinity, under cover, unity, vote, Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, Watchtower publications, works, and worship.

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