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“Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the Lord; but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men.” 1 Kings 18:22 KJV AV1611

Unraveling April Fool’s Day

Sermon Category: Fearless Teachings

Total listening time: 39 Minutes

This sermon is a sermon that covers the following topics:
Abortion, angry, April fool, April fooling, April Fool’s Day, arguing, baptism, baptize, baptized, beg, Bible, Biblical, blind guides, bride groom, Catholic, celebration, childlike quality, Church of Christ, conceit, crucifixion, cult, cults, danger, denies, Devil, died, division, doctrine, dog, door, drunken man, England, English, errand, eternity, fact, Father, first hand knowledge, foolish, fools, get glad again, glorify, glory, Godly reason, gossip, gospel, grandparents, Greek, guitar, gun, hard headed, heart of the matter, hell fire, hid, high horse, holiday, Holy Ghost, honor, hot in tot, hotter than a firecracker, humble, humor, Jesus Christ, Jew preacher, joke, judgment, kept, kid, killing, King James Version, KJV, lamps, language, leader, legalists, light, mad, madder, maintained, message, messages, mind, Mormons, murder, murdering babies, nit pick, non effective, oil, Old Testament Law, once saved always saved, one way to heaven, party, pedestal, personal, Pharisees, physically blind, pick a fight, police, practical jokers, practical jokes, pranks, preaching, problem, problems, representation, reprobates, respect, rock, Sadducees, salvation, saves souls, shout, sin, sinfulness, sinless, sling, spiritual state, spiritually discerning, split, student, studied, sword, testimony, thorn, thought processes, trimmed, trouble, useless, virgins, vomit, wasteful, wet hornet, wisdom, wise, Word of God, words, work, works, world, and wrong.

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