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“Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the Lord; but Baal’s prophets are four hundred and fifty men.” 1 Kings 18:22 KJV AV1611

A Godly Testimony, The Church’s Or God’s Definition?

Sermon Category: Fearless Teachings

Total listening time: 57 Minutes

This sermon is a sermon that covers the following topics:
abuse, all these things, assumed, attitude of Christians, back stabbing somebody, basic necessities, beat up car, beating his wife, beats his kids, Bible, Bibles, big bucks, Billy Graham, birds, build or save, bull hockey, cars, Charismatics, charity, Christian testimony, church of today, church’s, closest friends, clothes, committed Spiritual adultery, conceited & vain, control, country & western music, crave, criticize, cure & mend, devotional books, different shape, dispensations of grace, do as you please, don’t think to stop them, door, drive despair away, 80 years, embarrassing, enemy, escape, every meal, excited, excuse, explain, extremely poor, faithful friend, false gods, family conversation, fancy stuff, financial end, food, fool, 40 room mansion, $40,000 suit, 40 years, fretted, friendless, gather into barns, God, God’s view, Godliness, gold rings, golden idol, good testimony in the sight of man, gospel tracts, gossip about him, grass of the fields, great relief, gun, half truths, hasty word, healing potions, heavenly visitor, high positions, home, homeless, honored guest, how many bucks you got?, how Godly he’s living his life?, how saved you are?, how thick a wallet is?, how you serve Christ?, humble position, hymn books, “If Jesus Came To Your House”, importance of words, Indians, Jewish people, Jimmy Swaggart, Joel Osteen, Johnny Cash records, justify their works, keep your big fat trap shut!, Kenneth Copeland, kept in a stew, knife, Laodicean Church Age, least boldness of heart, left Him, left overs, life, lilies, limousine, limousines, listen, lives in adultery, magazines, master, meddlesome tongues, mind & spirit feed, mind your own business, modern testimony, modern thinking, modern TV, money in the plate, moth eaten, necessities of life, new age church, newspaper, newspapers, nicest room, old fashioned your hat, 1 little period, pain, “People Will Talk”, perfectly cool, poem, poor guy, preacher, proof positive, put a bridle on it, put a leash on it, quiet and modest, radio evangelists, raiment, raise a stink, read, reading, Red Solvine, repent, residence, road, Rolls Royce, run at the trap, said, shelter, shovel a parking lot, silly things, 60’s, slash & rip & tear, slave, song, songs, soup kitchen, speeding bullets, spoken lyric, sticks & stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, sword, table grace, talk about him like a dog, tame it, teaspoon, televangelists, testimony, The Lord Jesus Christ, their faith, their testimony, thread bear your dress, 3 room shack, tough questions, trusted in falsehoods, turned up a new idol in the church, TV Guide, TV preachers, upstart, use our tongues, vicious tongue, vicious words, visit, wallet & the purse, warehouse, went back on their word, white truth, who you going to serve, whole truth, wolf in sheep’s clothing, world, worldly music, worried, worry about, worrying about it, worth 2 cents, wound & sometimes slay, wreck & ruin, wrinkle in his suit, you can’t pay your way, your ahead of your means, your dress is the fashion, your Taylor’s unpaid, and your works.

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